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Comprehensive Dental Care and Invisalign

Dr. Harman-Tinnel and Dr. Prinz here at HT Complete Family Dentistry and today we’re going to talk about our idea of comprehensive dentistry and what that looks like within our practice. So what exactly is comprehensive dentistry? It is dental care that takes a sort of ‘whole body’ approach at the mouth. There are so many things involved with your teeth. Your airway is part of it, of course, as are tongue movement, lips, cheeks, etc. All of that works together toward getting that optimal smile.

Some patients may just need regular dental care like teeth cleanings, fillings, and other simple procedures. But if they want to take their dental health up to a different level, an optimum level, we have other options available like Invisalign. We love the different types of care we can provide with Invisalign. Some of our patients just want that beautiful smile and just need a little bit of tooth movement. But there are also other functional benefits that Invisalign can offer as well. Sometimes it’s about getting a bigger palette or places for your tongue to go or to get expansion in the arch so we can get you to that level of optimal health. Teeth are easier to clean when they are straight, so Invisalign therapy can improve not just your smile, but your overall oral health as well.

Of course, even after completing Invisalign treatment, some patients may find that they aren’t exactly happy with a missing tooth or the shape of their teeth. We can address those concerns with dental implants or cosmetic designs like veneers or crowns.

So if you live in Overland Park, Kansas City, Lenexa, Overland Park, Leewood, or the surrounding areas and want to improve your smile or restore and maintain good oral health, call us at 913-962-0036 and schedule your new patient consultation today.

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