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Dental Sealants for Kids in the Shawnee - Kansas City Area

HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
Dental SEalants - HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS

Dental Sealants for Kids and Teens

A thin, clear protective coating is placed on the chewing surfaces of permanent teeth. The sealant is usually placed between the ages of 6-14 years when children’s permanent first and second molars are erupting and susceptible to decay. The sealant flows deep into the grooves of molars and protects them from decay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Sealants

We are here to answer all of your dental sealant-related questions! Do you have a question we haven’t answered below? Give us a call – we’d love to help! 

A sealant is a thin, protective coating that adheres to teeth that are more susceptible to tooth decay, such as your molars. 

Sealants work by sealing off the tooth to prevent tooth decay from occurring. This is not a replacement for brushing or flossing but is a great option to help ensure excellent dental health. 

Sealants are great for children and adults! However, the earlier you get them, the better. We recommend bringing your child in shortly after they get their first molars. 

Not at all! Getting sealants applied is a quick and painless process. After drying your teeth, we will apply a solution that helps to rough the tooth up.  Then, we apply the sealant and use a blue light to harden it! Your child will be in and out in no time.

HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
Dental Sealants - HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
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