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Bite Guards

Bite Guards and Splints in the Shawnee - Kansas City Area

HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
Bite Guards - HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS

Protecting Vulnerable Teeth With Bite Guards and Splints

Bite guards are made of hard acrylic and are typically worn overnight to protect teeth from night grinding or night clenching. Teeth and surrounding structures can be damaged by heavy grinding or clenching, therefore a custom-made night guard can be made to fit on the lower teeth or the upper teeth.

Some patients have pain in the jaw joint areas, pain in the “chewing” muscles, headaches, and/or popping/clicking of the jaw joints. These patients would also benefit from a custom-made splint that will help to take pressure off of the joint spaces and help to reduce muscle pain and headaches. If you are experiencing any discomfort, schedule an appointment with a dentist near you in the Shawnee, Kansas City Area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bite Guards

Take some time to read some of our most frequently asked questions about bite guards! Don’t see an answer you’re looking for? Contact us, we’d love to answer any and all of your questions!

A bite guard is a mouthpiece made up of hard acrylic and is typically worn overnight to help prevent teeth from night grinding or night clenching. 

You might need a bite guard for a couple of reasons! Perhaps you clench your teeth at night, resulting in headaches and jaw pain. Or, you might grind your teeth, which can severely damage your teeth. These are both common issues that can be helped with the use of a night guard. 

The best kind of mouthguard you can get is one that is custom-fitted to your mouth and your needs.

HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
Dental Bite Guards - HT Complete Family Dentistry - Shawnee KS
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