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HT Smile 3D

3D Dental Imaging Technology in the Overland Park - Kansas City Area

HT Complete Family Dentistry - Overland Park KS

HT Smile 3D: Next-Generation Dental Imaging Technology

Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT) sounds like a medical-grade CT scanning device, however, it has a small FOV (field of view) that will give your dentist THE BEST look into your dental health. This type of radiograph is extremely intuitive because it will allow for a 3-dimensional view of structures within the field of view.

Mostly dental needs are addressed, but oftentimes we are able to visualize sinus disease or other problems that can be sent to a radiologist or referred back to the MD or ENT. The reason we love this technology is that it is not mainstream, yet. We can diagnose problems with root canal teeth, problems with teeth that traditional 2D x-rays cannot locate, like cracks or pain that is just not explained traditionally. This allows for a non-aggressive approach and oftentimes a minimalistic treatment approach. This is what we would prefer in our own mouths!

We can plan for a crown when a crack is seen, we can plan a conservative root canal and know the exact dimensions of the tooth. We are also able to place dental implants virtually and allow for a “guided” surgical approach which means that your dental implant will be placed in the EXACT best location that your body allows. Dr. Tinnel loves showing her patients this procedure virtually. Let us teach you about this technology and show you the images when we see you for your appointment!

Why Patients Love HT Smile 3D

At HT Complete Family Dentistry we use leading-edge dental imaging technology to create a detailed three-dimensional scan of your teeth and mouth that is goop-free, painless, and available for us to review in minutes.

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