Sarina Harman-Tinnel, D.D.S.
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Root Canal Therapy

For root canal procedures, anesthetic is used, the anesthetic will generally last 2-4 hours depending on where the work was completed, so be careful eating because you may bite your lip or your tongue.  The anesthetic injection site will be sore for up to two weeks, especially the lower jaw if the root canal was on a lower tooth.  Tooth and gum soreness at the root canal site is expected due to the extensive nature of the root canal.  Most of the time, the medications that we use in the tooth will make the infected tooth feel much better than it did before.  Take it easy on that tooth for the rest of the day.  Remember that a tooth that has had a root canal has lost all blood supply and nutrients to the tooth, therefore the tooth will become brittle and can break.  Please stay away from hard/sticky foods until a crown or an onlay is placed on the tooth.  If the sensitivity/tenderness prolongs longer than 3-4 days, please call the office for an appointment.