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Dentures and Partials

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.


Partials are removable and can replace one to many teeth. Most are made of pink acrylic, acrylic teeth, and metal clasps that hook onto the anchor teeth. In some cases smaller, all acrylic partials may be possible. These are desirable when implants/bridges cannot be placed. They are more affordable, but they are not ideal for patients that have gum disease or have a lot of loose teeth due to the stress put on the remaining teeth. Partials can replace missing teeth so patients can function more efficiently and can prevent further problems with other teeth. Partials are custom fit for each patient, so it is important to have three appointments in order to get the perfect fit.


Dentures are used to replace all missing teeth in an arch. Upper dentures are easier to tolerate by patients than lower dentures. Upper dentures have the palate to suction to and keep in place. Lower dentures move around due to the very strong tongue and other factors, thus implant-retained dentures are much more retentive. Patients considering new dentures or replacement should consider these implant retained dentures. Dentures take a patient with severely broken down painful teeth into full upper and lower healthy looking teeth in usually three appointments. Dentures are custom fit for each patient, so it is important to have each of these three appointments to achieve that perfect fit.

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