Sarina Harman-Tinnel, D.D.S.
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Surgery & Implants

For implant or surgical procedures, anesthetic is used, the anesthetic will generally last 2-4 hours depending on where the work was completed, so be careful eating because you may bite your lip or your tongue.  The anesthetic injection site will be sore for up to two weeks, especially the lower jaw if the surgery was on a lower tooth.  Post surgery we generally ask that the patient to keep the gauze in place for 30 minutes to one hour, in order to help the blood clot.  After that you can replace the gauze with more gauze, but after four hours, the bleeding usually has ceased.  If bleeding is continued, please bite into a wet tea bag on the site for 2 minutes and then remove.  Please do not smoke for 48 hours after the surgery nor drink from a straw for 48 hours.  Please do not forcefully spit for one day.  Avoid alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, very hot or very cold foods for one day.  Please brush your teeth, but take care in the area of the surgery.  Do use ice packs after day one, usually 30 minutes on the cheek and then 30 minutes off.  Please eat soft, mild foods for one day after the surgery.  It is normal for pain to occur for a few days in the area of the surgery; please take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain control.  Please call our office if the pain is prolonged for longer than 3-4 days or the pain goes away and then returns worse around day 4-5.