Sarina Harman-Tinnel, D.D.S.
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For most fillings, anesthetic is used, the anesthetic will generally last 2-4 hours depending on where the work was completed, so be careful eating because you may bite your lip or your tongue.  The anesthetic injection site will be sore for up to two weeks, especially the lower jaw if the filling was a lower tooth.  If the soreness is prolonged for longer than two weeks or if you have trouble opening your mouth, please call the office for an appointment.  For silver fillings we ask you not to eat anything sticky or chewy for 24 hours, to allow the filling to set up completely.  For tooth colored fillings, the material is set up as soon as you leave the office, so you are fine to eat/chew, just be careful because you may still be numb.  With any replacement or new filling a slight amount of cold sensitivity is normal, if the cold sensitivity lingers or if hot sensitivity occurs, please call the office.  Biting sensitivity is not normal, please give the office a call for an appointment, you will most likely need the filling adjusted.