Sarina Harman-Tinnel, D.D.S.
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Crowns & Bridges

For veneer or crown or bridge procedures, anesthetic is used, the anesthetic will generally last 2-4 hours depending on where the work was completed, so be careful eating because you may bite your lip or your tongue.  The anesthetic injection site will be sore for up to two weeks, especially the lower jaw if the crown or bridge was on a lower tooth.  You have temporary crowns that are designed to protect the tooth from injury and or insult.  These temporaries are very fragile and can fracture, we ask you to take it easy biting/chewing where those temporaries are in place.  Please stay away from hard (carrots/nuts/ice/peanut brittle) and chewy (caramel/taffy/candy) foods because they can break and/or pull your temporary off the tooth.  If the temporary does come “un-glued” please call our office for an appointment.   A slight amount of tooth sensitivity is expected after the preparation appointment, but usually disappears the following day.  The temporaries also do not fit as perfect as the permanent crown/bridge will, so cold sensitivity will be normal.  Please call our office if any sensitivity lasts longer than 4-5 days.